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[Scans] Super Junior, Arashi, Prince of Tennis

x credit mikage or lockwizmeeee
x comment if taking (especially the rars)
x do not pass off as your own plz.
x you may use for icons, layouts, etc.
x direct link anything and I kill.

The loot: Booklet scan: Super Junior - Super Junior 05, Booklet Scan: Arashi - One (Overseas version), Booklet scan: The Best of Seigaku Players 2 - Tezuka Kunimitsu*, Booklet scans: The Best of Rival Players 9, 11, 13 - Atobe Keigo, Mukahi Gakuto & Shishido Ryou/Ootori Choutarou*, Bromide Scans: Niou/Yagyuu Samurai*, Niou/Yagyuu Sakura, Ibu/Kamio Samurai, Ibu/Kamio Sakura, Inui/Yanagi Christmas.

*For some reason or another I no longer own these (sold/given away), so the scans are fairly old and not nearly as high res as the rest of them. The ones I do still have will be rescanned at some point or another ♥



Download all (4.60mb .rar)

Super Junior
Since this booklet is super funky fold-out and such, it's scanned a bit weirdly (too big for my scanner, yo D: ) and there are parts of other scans on some sections, mostly in case someone decides they want to splice them all together or something XD Also, I didn't scan the cd case slip cover because I didn't want to destrooooy it. .rar's reflect each section of the booklet scanned (inside, outside, + the cd case inserts). There will be no rar for the entire booklet, my connection can't handle uploading that (hence the reason it's in parts). Scanned/saved in no particular order, just however I could manage to do it >>

Case insert

Download all (3.01 mb .rar)


Download all (15.3 mb .rar)


Download all (12.4 mb .rar)

Prince of Tennis

Download all (2.78 mb .rar)

Download all (462 kb .rar)

Download all (488 kb .rar)

Download all (481 kb .rar)

Download all (4.12 mb .rar)

(PS, I'm selling a bunch of random anime merchandise over yonder, check it out and help me pay for both vet bills and new obsessions that must be sated? 8D)
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