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And the last of the spam: scan info, broken links, etc

And this particular post I wanted separate and at the top of the comm for a while.

This is a heads up that I am totally aware that the thumbnail images for most, if not all, of my scans (and probably screencaps) are broken. If the thumbnails are linked to something, those links ARE working (or should be; if not, let me know). The reason for this is that I usually hosted my scan thumbnails on my LJ gallery space to help curb bandwidth usage. However, I've not been actively using LJ for anything but the occasional download for a year or so now (thank you, school :|), so I let my paid account lapse. I'll try to get to them at some point in the next few weeks (but don't hold your breath >>)

Which brings me to my next point: Broken rar/zip file links. If you find any broken links, PLEASE let me know so I can reupload them. Mediafire links *should* still be working, and I honestly can't remember if I uploaded rars/zips for everything there, or if I fixed links to other broken things if I did XD All of the scans I have up on Mediafire can be found by following this sexy folder link.

Annnnd that said: My mum is fabulous and hooked me up with a new scanner for my birthday last month (oddly, the 12-years-newer version of my old scanner), so new scans probably coming in the somewhat near future.
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