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[scans] Higamyu Rikkai photosets + misc flyers.

x credit mikage or lockwizmeeee
x comment if taking (especially the rars)
x do not pass off as your own plz.
x you may use for icons, layouts, etc.
x direct link anything and I kill.

xBaba Tooru
xKanesaki Kentarou
xNakagauchi Masataka
xOokawa Genki

xMen's DVD (Kanesaki Kentarou, Baba Tooru, Furukawa Yuuta)
xFROGS (Sakurada Doori, Uehara Takuya, Aoyagi Ruito, Yanagisawa Takahiko)
xBambino + (Moriyama Eiji, Takuya, Shinoda Mitsuyoshi, JURI, et al)
xNakagauchi Masataka STAND UP!
xBlue Sheets (RUN&GUN Stage)
xBeauty Boys Celebrity (Nakagauchi Masataka, et al)

Everything at 300dpi and I am warning you right now that the BBC flyer is almost 9mb, and the FROGS flyer is almost 6 (because I forgot to reset quality after saving photosets 8D)

HigaMyu Photosets

Download .rar (11.31mb)

Misc. Stage/DVD/Etc flyers

Download .rar (26.9 mb)
Tags: !!user: mikage, scans, scans: aoyagi ruito, scans: baba tooru, scans: furukawa yuuta, scans: juri, scans: kanesaki kentarou, scans: misc, scans: moriyama eiji, scans: nakagauchi masataka, scans: ookawa genki, scans: sakurada doori, scans: shinoda mitsuyoshi, scans: tenimyu

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