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[scans] CD Booklets - Seiyuu, Tenimyu, Tenipuri

x credit mikage or lockwizmeeee
x comment if taking (especially the rars)
x do not pass off as your own plz.
x you may use for icons, layouts, etc.
x direct link anything and I kill.

+ Best Actors 008: Nakagauchi Masataka as Niou Masaharu & Baba Tooru as Yagyuu Hiroshi (First press)
+ Yanagi Renji & Niou Masaharu: TRICK, FAKE, or TRUTH
+ Hyoutei Eternity: Fujyouri
+ Megane's: Kira★Kira Megane's
+ Oshitari Yuushi: Valentine Kiss
+ Morikubo Shoutarou: SHOW starring Showtaro Morikubo (First press)

All scans in 300 dpi except SHOW, which I scanned for Aural Sex ages ago at 200dpi.

Yanagi Renji & Niou Masaharu - TRICK, FAKE, or TRUTH

Download .rar

Megane's - Kira★Kira Megane's

Download .rar

Hyoutei Eternity - Fujyouri

Download .rar

Oshitari Yuushi - Valentine Kiss

Download .rar

Nakagauchi Masataka as Niou Masaharu & Baba Tooru as Yaguu Hiroshi

Download .rar

Morikubo Shoutarou - SHOW starring Showtaro Morikubo

Download .rar
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